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Here you will find information about the organization of the tournament.


Your teams will receive their bracelets upon arrival. Here is also the possibility for people who have not been paid, to pay now. On arrival you will also receive a garbage bag for 10 € garbage deposit, which you can hand over to us on departure to get your deposit back. On arrival, you must also fill in a player list. Please enter on this the respective study course, so that your non-specialist players are also identified. Also at the registration you can register for the Local-Cup. Those arriving on Thursday, please call me shortly before arrival (you can find it in the mail) or contact Frank Schell, the largest chairman of all time, (you can find it in the mail).


We would like to ask you once again to inform us, if you want to see something in Leipzig, Halle and Chemnitz. Please note that museums in Germany have traditionally closed on Mondays. For the SMAC in Chemnitz, the Grassimuseum and the Egyptian Museum in Leipzig as well as for the Antikenmuseum there is free admission. If you are planning any museum visits for Monday or already on the journey, please write me directly (you can find it in the mail) or call me (you can find it in the mail).
We also want to allow you to visit our UFG collection and the Antikenmuseum in a guided tour. Registration is until Friday 12:00 o'clock by the Orga staff. Joint departure at the Ilburg Stadium is 12:30 clock (then travel by S-Bahn to Leipzig). But we would be very committed if you could let us know sooner.

IMPORTANT - arrival Thursday and departure Monday

On Thursday, the caterer will be from 18:00 clock on site. There will also be a modest range of food (grilled food, vegan too). The same applies to Sunday after the tournament. Please give us for Thursday until next Monday feedback, in how far you want to eat something, because we and the caterer must plan. It would be a pity if he prepared for many people and then no one wants something.
Since the campground area is strictly separated from the play area and marquee area, the glass bottle ban in the games and festival area is already on Thursday. In some cases, exceptions should be possible, but please do not overdo it. What will not work is to march on your own box of beer. Of course, everything is possible without any problems at the campsite. We can offer student friendly prices (0,4l draft beer 2,50 EUR). This also applies to the Sunday after the tournament. It's best to talk to us about it and then we discuss this with FC Eilenburg.

WM Puplic viewing

It will be possible to watch the World Cup in the marquee. This also applies to the games on Thursday and Sunday. Please do not expect very good quality regarding the projector and the screen. We will set up separately also TV.

Purchase of food and drinks

On the game and marquee area can not be paid in cash. Rather, you can buy tokens that you can then use to buy. On Sunday, unused tokens can of course be exchanged.


We will not raise a deposit on cups, etc. and place garbage bags in many places. We would therefore ask you to pay attention to your waste and then to dispose of it regularly in the garbage bags. Here we really depend on your help.

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Please remember that you bring back your trophies that you might have won last year. Brno should not forget the new cup and Marburg the leftovers from last year ;-).


You can find it in the current version on our homepage ( In addition, you can find the tournament at ( On site, you can also see both on the phone. Please be aware that we whistle the games centrally. If a team is not present then it has lost 0-2.


Offer breakfast on Friday morning and on Monday morning by the FC Eilenburg. The FCE has offered us a breakfast buffet for you and for us as the Orga team on Friday morning and Monday morning. However, we need feedback to Monday, 12:00. The FCE will then cash in on the spot at breakfast. Expects 4 EUR per person and breakfast. Of course, breakfast on Saturday and Sunday is already covered by the participation fee.